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Ultrasound is used by applying the transducer, or ultrasound head, to the skin using direct contact with a gel that reduces the friction and assists in the transmission of the ultrasound waves into the patient’s tissue. Penetration of ultrasound energy is absorbed through the skin about 2-5cm. Connective tissue including ligaments, tendons, fascia and scar tissue provide the majority of the absorption. Frequency of ultrasound is generally from 0.7-3.3MHz. Ultrasound waves are considered therapeutic because they speed up the healing process by; increasing blood flow to the treated area, decreasing pain by reducing the swelling around the treated area, and the tissue is softened which is beneficial for scar tissue. Common injuries ultrasound is used on include; cervical/thoracic/lumbar sprain/strain injuries, sprained ankles, all forms of tendonitis, scar tissue healing and break down, any joint inflammation, plantar fascitis, facet joint irritation, impingement syndrome, bursitis, RA, OA and many other injuries/conditions. General treatments of the affected areas would last typically 8-12 minutes or differently based on type of condition. In our office we provide specific treatment protocols with the use of this modality. Our doctors perform this modality on a regular basis.