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Chiropractor in Centerville Ohio


Chiropractic is a healthcare discipline that emphasizes the inherent recuperative power of the body to heal itself without the use of drugs or surgery.

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Here at CAC, we promote the use of natural supplements to help maintain health.

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Massage Services

Massage is not only a very beneficial modality by itself; it is also extremely complementary in conjunction with chiropractic medicine.

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Physical Therapy

Physical therapy and rehabilitative protocols are performed one on one with our doctors.

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Cold Laser Therapy

Reasons for Cold Laser Light Therapy

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Spinal Decompression

We have a NEW treatment option that may help your condition:INFORMATION ABOUT DISC “DECOMPRESSION”

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1072303_397624393681691_175086009_oOur Chiropractic Approach

Chiropractic Associates of Centerville is determined to improve your quality of life through an active approach of care. Through Chiropractic adjustments, corrective exercises, rehabilitation protocols, lifestyle advice, nutritional counseling, massage and therapeutic modalities we believe we can provide you with an optimum environment for healing.

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  • Great location. Great staff! It’s amazing the broad scope of things that they can help with. If they can’t help then they make sure that you get to the correct Specialist. No more trying to figure out who you should see! I just wished all service providers were so nice! Most would just lead you on or misdirect you.

    - Jim

  • I am a frequent headache/migraine patient, and in speaking with Dr. O’Bryan, he has helped me learn that there are several different options available to me to help control my headaches. He is very knowledgeable in this area and he is willing to help me on a path to a headache-free life! I am excited to work with him and his professional staff!

    - Donna H

  • I had serious hamstring pain, and Dr Pat used the cold laser therapy, the muscle stim , plus deep massages on it, and its feeling much better, and I’m able to get a full nights rest. Thank you again.

    - Daniel

  • Dr. O’Bryan…Thanks for everything you’ve done to help me as I build miles toward my half marathon! The adjustments you’ve done and the stretches you suggested have made a big difference.

    - Lisa W

  • i recently found myself in the Dayton area visiting my son, and was experiencing tremendous hip and leg pain. It was a Thursday, and every chiropractor I looked up in the phone book was closed on Thursdays! One office answered and recommended Dr. O’Bryan and Dr. Dooley. I called the number and even though it was their day off, Dr. O’Bryan came in and spent time with me. He worked with me to understand the problem, and gave me exercises to do at home. I saw him that day and the next 4 days. He was always willing to listen and help treat the cause of my injury. By the time I left Dayton, I could walk without pain and was able to function normally. It is not every day you find this kind of dedication to service. I would recommend this office without reserve.

    - Martha

  • Dr. Tim Dooley is an amazing Chiropractor! I have struggled with some very painful disc injuries in my back, and Dr. Dooley was able to help me through the pain with physical therapy and chiropractic services. He helped me to get my quality of life back, and I am so grateful! I highly recommend Chiropratic Associates of Centerville, they are the best!

    - Elizabeth S

  • I have a herniated disk, which somehow flared up and began interfering with my exercise routine in a big way. Lifting weights over my head and running became almost impossible to do. After traction and manipulations with Dr. Dooley, I was back to my normal self in several weeks. I haven’t had any problems since, either….and that was a couple of years ago! I so appreciated the fact that Dr. Dooley didn’t try to oversell what he could do, or try to talk me into some crazy “maintenance plan” or “family plan.” He was all about getting me back to feeling good, and then releasing me from treatment. I’ve avoided some chiropractors in the past because of worrying about getting sucked into lots of x-rays, lots of visits, costing lots of money. Well, Dr. Dooley doesn’t do that. Yeah for a chiropractor with honesty and integrity! Thank you Dr. Dooley!!

    - Marianne

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