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Spinal Adjusting

At Chiropractic Associates of Centerville we provide gentle yet effective adjustments to the spine. Spinal adjustments, also known as manipulations, are performed using ones hands where a quick yet controlled thrust is placed into a joint. The purpose of these protocols is to restore the spines proper alignment which enhances the body’s bio-mechanics and physical functionality. Adjustments not only help with acute and chronic muscle/joint pain they also help with restoring the body’s nerve flow.

Every nerve that exits the spinal cord goes to a specific organ/tissue to provide it with information on how to function from the brain. If the spine has a mis-alignment it can place abnormal pressure upon some of these nerves which then will decrease the nerve conduction or “nerve flow” to these organs. Decreased nerve flow may not present right away with symptoms but rather can get progressively worse over time causing things such as high blood pressure, digestive issues/discomfort, liver problems, etc. It is important to have routine spinal screenings performed to make sure the nervous system is performing at its optimal level.

We offer all types of adjustments here at Chiropractic Associates of Centerville. We utilize different techniques to make sure we provide the patient with the most effective, customized treatment for each individual. Techniques that we use include diversified, thompson, gonstead, graston soft tissue technique, manual release technique, and activator. Certain techniques may cause a non-painful “popping” sound to occur while other types will not.

We are willing to work with you to provide you with the type of adjustment that makes you feel the most comfortable while also being effective with care. Certain ailments and conditions may not even require an adjustment to provide you with the most efficient type of treatment. We also offer things such as cold laser therapy, decompression therapy, ultrasound, electric muscle stimulation, kinesiotaping, prescribed therapeutic exercise, soft tissue release techniques and many other variations and combinations of care to alleviate your pain.

Adjustments to the spine are as important as brushing your teeth. Spinal adjustments provide the joint with motion and in this profession, “motion is medicine”. If your body/spine does not move the way it should and this persists over a certain period of time, it can start to cause spinal decay. Spinal decay basically embodies the conditions of degenerative joint disease, degenerative disc disease, arthritis and spondylosis. A healthy person with no pain should be seen by a chiropractor routinely to be screened of any asymptomatic areas of joint fixations as much as someone who has spinal pain of any kind.

Here at Chiropractic Associates of Centerville we will provide you with a thorough exam of your spine and musculo-skeletal system and discuss three important things; what it is your dealing with, how long it will take to fix and how much is will roughly cost. Our goal is to get you back doing your activities of daily living as soon as possible!