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Soft Tissue Mobilization

Mobilization is a type of manual therapy, or hands on physical therapy.  The term “mobilization” deals with the manipulation of soft tissue encapsulating a joint, called fascia, and muscles over joints that have restricted range of motion.

Fascia, muscles, and ligaments may tighten after an injury.  Soft tissues around the bone need to be stretched in order to improve or restore range of motion. Tightness in joints may also restrict the flow of blood, lymph, and nerve signals in the area.

Manual therapy may also promote proper restoration of joint function after an injury. Certain people don’t want or like to be adjusted, which is no problem at all. Soft tissue mobilization/manual therapy can be effective for these people so that they can still receive the care they need without the “popping” sound that some adjustments may bring.

Our doctors excel with this therapy as it applies to so many different muscles and soft tissue injuries in the body. Our doctors, a lot of times, will use this therapy in conjunction with adjustments in order to speed up the healing process.