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Knee Protocol

Both the doctors in the clinic are very knowledgeable when it comes to the knee. Having each played sports growing up and into college as well as learning extensive anatomy and rehabilitation therapies for the knee, they have look at knee ailments from two different angles.

It is important for a doctor to not only understand the condition of which the patient is presenting with but also to be able to put themselves in the patient’s shoes. We treat a wide variety of knee injuries that include but are not limited to; tendonitis, ACL/MCL tears, meniscus tears, sprains/strains, bursitis, chondromalacia, osteoarthritis, patella inflammation, patella tracking problems, overuse injuries, knee replacements and post surgical knee surgeries.

It is important to understand that every patient’s knee is different and will require a different knee rehabilitation protocol to be utilized. As chiropractor’s we specialize in treating the spine and adjusting joints that are lacking proper motion.

The knee joint is different in that respect and does not always require an “adjustment” in order to fix it. There are numerous modalities that we can apply to your condition and get you back on your feet and active as soon as possible.

You will leave the office not only knowing exactly what is wrong with your knee but also what needs to be done and how long it will take. We are all about communication and are very accessible if you ever have a question about your particular condition you are dealing with.