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Exercise Programs

Incorporating exercise programs into continued patient care is essential in maintaining optimal health. It is important to understand the benefit of coupling adjustments with physical therapy and specific exercise programs.

At Chiropractic Associates of Centerville we live by the saying, “motion is medicine”. Adjustments are very important to assist the body in allowing it to reach its maximum health although sometimes patient’s spines can be adjusted to the correct position and 2 hours later “lose” the adjustment.

“Losing” the adjustment basically means that the body was unable to “hold” the adjustment into the correct position for a long period of time. There are numerous reasons as to why the body will not “hold” an adjustment but one of the most common reasons is due to poor biomechanics and posture.

As doctors of chiropractic and spinal health we provide the body with an adjustment thus putting the spine into what is the anatomically correct position. Since the body is not used to being in the “correct” position, it now perceives the new position as incorrect which makes the body try to pull the spine out of that position. In order to “hold” an adjustment it is absolutely imperative to perform therapeutic exercises prescribed by your doctor daily, as needed, to strengthen the affected muscles to keep the spine in the correct position.

Exercise Program Protocols

We provide exercise program protocols that are site specific and patient specific based on their injury or starting level. Ever start working out and after about two or three workouts your back, shoulder or an old injury flares up and you have to quit working out?

Call into the office for a consultation, Dr. O’Bryan is a licensed trainer and truly enjoys providing patients with a proper workout program. On more than one occasion Dr. O’Bryan has even met patients at the local gyms, on his free time!!

We have numerous stories of patients whether it’s losing weight, becoming healthier, or even those just looking for an extra edge, walk into the office and leaving with answers. Nutritional consultations, provided by Dr. O’Bryan, often develop into a detailed workout plan catered to the specific needs of a patient.

If you are looking to exercise and aren’t quite sure what exercises are appropriate for your condition, as you might be scared to have a flare-up, then feel free to make an appointment for an exam consultation with either physician and he will go over a specific exercise routine that allows you to get a great workout without putting your condition at risk.