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Electric Stimulation

In our office we provide Electrical Stimulation or Interferential Current which is different than a typical TENS unit. IFC is applied to affected area by 4 pads which provide stimulation at a high frequency of 4000Hz.

Essentially the stimulation will block the transmission of pain messages that are sent from the spinal cord as well as stimulating the musculature and improving circulation to the injured area. By improving blood circulation and stimulating musculature you are able to treat the injured area by being less invasive than other methods.

Providing electrical stimulation to an injury before an adjustment allows the area to become desensitized allowing the patient to tolerate the adjustment better.

What’s the difference between a TENS unit and Electrical Stimulation?

A TENS unit works at 125Hz compared to 4000Hz provided by an IFC unit. A TENS unit can stimulate endorphins where as IFC stimulates circulation. Both cannot be used on pregnant women or those who have pacemakers. A TENS unit can decrease pain and improve soft tissue over a small area whereas IFC stimulates tissue much deeper and stimulates a much greater area. A TENS unit based on studies, has shown focuses only on controlling pain whereas the IFC has a role in stimulating healing and restoration of tissue. Both are very effective in treatment of numerous injuries. We provide TENS units to take home as welling as providing IFC treatment in the office.

Injuries and complaints that this therapy is used for include; edema, neuralgia, arthritis, low back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, mid back pain, knee pain, ankle pain etc. This therapy is one of the most popular in our office.