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Cryotherapy is the use of ice over soft tissue/bone to decrease inflammation, decrease pain, spasm, and to promote vasoconstriction or the movement of fluid out of affected area. The use of ice has been used for hundreds of years to decrease localized edema, muscle guarding and spasticity of musculature. In our office we use ice pack therapy for those individuals suffering from acute painful injury, those who may lack ability to turn their neck, lack the ability to bend over, those in a recent car accident or work injury, and sports injuries such as a sprained ankle etc. We may use it following a deep tissue myofascial release of a specific muscle.

Cryotherapy or ice pack therapy is generally used for increments of 20 minutes and applied numerous types throughout the day based on the severity of the injury at hand. We commonly encourage patients to perform ice therapy at home following an accident and following some treatments. Due to the sedentary ‘job’ style that most businesses require it is common for lower back and neck injuries to flare-up while working because of the promotion of inflammation and the lack of proper movement of fluid out of the affected area. We continually provide patients with their very own ice pace to take to work.

We recommend ice therapy in increments of 20 minutes on and 20 minutes off and put no limit on the number of times that it can be done each